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Conversations between people are nothing new. In fact, they help defining what it means to be human. It’s no surprise then that we’re spending less of our time consuming broadcast media and more of it having conversations in communities within social media.

The age of deference is over. People are talking about brands at all hours of every day, in countless forms of social media. We increasingly seek out opinions online about products and services before making purchase decisions. These are trusted more than a brand’s own website, and a lot more than advertising. There is a proven link between online conversation and sales.

By helping brands engage in honest and meaningful conversations in social media, we believe they’ll earn the credibility to participate within these communities, gain advocates and increase sales through word of mouth.


Online Reputation Management
Digital PR
Online Content Management
Online Account Management

Ask, Discover, Reach!

Account Management

social mandalina creates brands social media strategies with its experienced team. By managing social media accounts respectively to their needs, helps brands reach their target audience.

Speak up, Execute, Share!

Content Management

One of the biggest advantages of social media is being reciprocal. social mandalina provides social interaction with the target audience uptrending the dialogues and comments about the brand. social mandalina sets the community's sight on loyalty to the brand, giving the brand opportunities on getting the right analysis by the feedback from the community. With it's clients, social mandalina defines each target audience on bulls eye, by being aware of the success of the served contents are dependent on analyzing the target audience accurately.

Respect is the sine qua non!

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is one of the essentials of being a respected brand, since the internet is sine qua non channel where every detail is recorded and spread at breakneck speed. So it should be considered as a priority to protect the brand's value and reputation online. All kinds of news can be spread molto allegro on this never forgetting channel. social mandalina is aware of the situation that should be handled in seconds of reaction time, preventing it's clients to get harmed by even the tiniest negative rumors spread online.

Before the crisis knocks on the door...

Crisis Management

As much as being on the online channel looks like an advantage, the harm's way should be considered. social mandalina takes measures with it's team of social media experts against any contents that can harm the brand's reputation. For that, social mandalina plans the course of actions with the brand, handling any crisis smoothly as planned.


With it's team of experts, social mandalina analysis the data collected via monitoring services, taking control of situation analysis and competitor analysis. Reporting the results to the brands periodically, social mandalina creates action researches in times of need.

We developed

Social media and community management

We will help you adapt your brand’s voice for social media, effectively listen to your audience and help you manage your overall presence. We will find out what is valuable to your audience.

We will establish, manage and grow your online community and activate your core fans into brand advocates. Most importantly, we will help you measure the performance of your presence in terms that are relevant to your objectives.

Websites and apps for desktop and mobile

We design and develop websites and app for desktop and mobile.

We’d prefer to speak to you in everyday language about how our technical experience and talent can help you succeed, but if you insist we can also talk in more detail about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, PHP, .NET, JAVA, FMBL, oAuth, Flash, AS2, AS3, Open Source, and CMS.

Our team will help you launch/deliver microsites, online shops, online ads, CMS systems, games, banners, mobile sites, widgets, interactive content and iPhone apps.

Blogger network & outreach

We activate online campaigns through our network of influential blogs and authors. We segment sites by influence, engagement and context. We know who to target, what matters to them and how to reach out to them.

We will outline a strategy and deliver your campaign to the right audience.

Compelling & persuasive viral campaigns

We develop campaigns that deliver results. Our approach is simple: we establish a solid strategy to understand your audience and your objectives; we let the strategy inform our creative so that we can develop ideas that will engage your audience; we seed the campaign to your audience to deliver results.